Far Infrared Therapy

Far Infrared Sauna Therapy

Far infrared sauna therapy supports and ignites our body’s own natural healing mechanisms and preventative capabilities. Infrared light has the ability to penetrate human tissue which in turn produces a host of anti-aging health benefits making infrared saunas one of the “hottest” therapies for overall healthier living. If you want to get yourself back into balance, infrared sauna therapy may be one of the most helpful tools in achieving your wellness goals.

Far infrared waves penetrate deep into the body, creating therapeutic heat from within and activating the sweat glands. Sweating is a great way to burn calories and rid your body of unwanted toxins. The question is, how do you sweat when you’re injured, or unable to exercise? Infrared saunas not only enhance sweating but it’s therapeutic properties also help your body to release a number of toxins, including heavy metals like mercury and lead, and environmental chemicals. The benefits don’t stop there. With this technology, you can also lose weight, reduce stress, relieve pain, increase circulation, purify your skin and boost immunity.

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Far Infrared Sauna Therapy

Benefits of Infrared Sauna Therapy

  1. Detoxification
    Sweating is one of the body’s most natural ways to eliminate toxins, making it a crucial part of detoxification. When compared to traditional Swedish saunas, infrared saunas allow you to eliminate about seven times more toxins. Wow!
  2. Relaxation
    Infrared sauna therapy promotes relaxation by helping to balance your body’s level of cortisol, the body’s primary stress hormone. The therapeutic heat generated by the sauna will also help to relax muscles and relieve tension all over, allowing you to de-stress both physically and mentally.
  3. Pain Relief
    If you suffer from muscle aches or joint pain, infrared saunas can relieve this form of inflammation by increasing circulation and relaxing your muscles.
  4. Weight Loss
    The heat produced by an infrared sauna will cause your core temperature to increase, which can also lead to an increased heart rate; the same increase in heart rate that you experience when exercising. When your body has to work harder to lower your core temperature or keep up with an increased heart rate, your body will burn more calories, resulting in weight loss.
  5. Improved Circulation
    As the heat from infrared saunas increases your core body temperature, your circulation will increase along with it. Consistent infrared sauna sessions can stimulate blood flow, improve muscle recovery, and decrease pain and inflammation.
  6. Skin Purification
    Infrared sauna technology can help purify your skin by eliminating toxins from your pores and increasing circulation, resulting in clearer, softer, and healthier-looking skin.


Far Infrared BioMat

The Biomat is also a far infrared therapy similar to the far infrared sauna. Our guests lay on top of the Biomat for their 45-minute session. The Biomat uses a combination of fabrics and Amethyst stones and electrical current to generate far infrared rays which are then transferred to the body as heat. Far infrared rays warm the body from the inside out.

Benefits of the Biomat may include:

Temporary relief of:

  • Minor muscle pain
  • Minor joint pain and stiffness
  • Joint pain associated with arthritis
  • Muscle spasms/ Minor sprains
  • Minor strains/ Minor muscular back pain

Relaxation of Muscles
Temporary increase of local circulation